The Top 15 Best Gyms and Fitness Centers in Bahrain

Fitness centers around the island have turned into second homes for many Bahrainis due to their wealth of physical and mental health benefits as well as their ability to keep people active and healthy while boosting confidence. These facilities offer a wide range of activities, including yoga, dance fitness, and weight training. We requested recommendations for some of your favorite workout facilities from our readers. Scroll to look at them.

We listed some of the top 15 gyms in Bahrain so you may make a more informed decision.

1. Bahrain Fitness First

With multiple locations across Bahrain, Fitness First offers a wide range of fitness facilities, including cardio and strength training equipment, group exercise classes, and personal training services.

Fitness First Middle East is a franchise owned and operated under license by Landmark Group, a leading retail and hospitality conglomerate in the Middle East and India. In the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Kuwait, they have 38 clubs with more than 60,000 members.

Bahrain Fitness First
Bahrain Fitness First

Address:  Bahrain City Centre, Building 2758 Road 4650, Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Hwy, Manama, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 1616 7394

Opening hours: 07:00 AM – 11:30 PM

2. Oxygen Gym

Located in Riffa, Oxygen Gym is a well-equipped fitness center known for its bodybuilding and weightlifting facilities.

The goal of Oxygen Gym is to assist you in achieving your total fitness objectives while also improving your health, breathing, stress management, and physical strength. One of Bahrain’s largest co-ed exercise facilities, Oxygen Gym is over 1000 square meters in size and contains the latest cutting-edge cardio and weight training equipment.

Oxygen Gym Bahrain
Oxygen Gym Bahrain

Address:  Budaiya, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 17 616165

Opening hours: 06:00 AM – 10:00 PM

3. Ride Nation

The Ride Nation studio is thoughtfully constructed with features that will improve every facet of your exercise experience. They provide safe, enjoyable, and scientifically based indoor cycling and strength training classes. Introduction classes accept beginners as well!

Ride Nation
Ride Nation

Address: Wadi Sail Mall; 2nd Floor Building 1509, Rd 2835, Riffa, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 1748 4828

Opening hours: 09:00 AM – 20:00 PM

4. Spartan Fitness

For everyone looking to enhance their lifestyle, Spartan Fitness offers a variety of physical activities. Powerlifting, calisthenics, functional training, bodybuilding, group workouts, an indoor track for running, and martial arts are all offered at the gym. For rest and recovery, they also have a Jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room.

Spartan Fitness in Bahrain
Spartan Fitness in Bahrain

Address: Building 63 Avenue 21, Saar 517, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 1777 1700

Opening hours: 05:00 AM – 23:00 PM

5. Sheraton Fitness

The modern workout facility at Sheraton Fitness is the ideal location to keep up your fitness routine around-the-clock. This fitness center offers a premium membership that enables you to stay in shape by giving you access to a variety of recreational opportunities as well as strength and cardio equipment.

Sheraton Fitness in Bahrain
Sheraton Fitness in Bahrain

Address:6 Palace Ave, Manama, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 17533533 

6. Sphinx Health Club

Visit Sphinx Health Club if you wish to exercise together as a family! It serves adults, women, and children. Titanium takes pride in hiring the best and most qualified workers in the industry. Its team of dietitians and trainers is well trained to offer members the best health and fitness guidance.

Members only need to discuss their fitness and health goals with their trainers. Trainers are then empowered to design specialized nutrition and fitness plans for members, often going above and beyond their expectations. Trainers and dietitians at Sphinx have excellent backgrounds and accomplishments and are equally qualified. Moreover to their qualifications and expertise.

Sphinx Health Club Bahrain
Sphinx Health Club Bahrain

Address: Road No 4103, Riffa, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 1721 0259

Opening hours: 05:00 AM – 02:00 AM

7. Reps Fitness Studio

Reps Fitness Studio was founded that year. It provides one-on-one training, specialized weight loss programs, group exercise classes, indoor group exercise classes, and courses in fitness and nutrition.

Reps Fitness Studio Bahrain
Reps Fitness Studio

Address: Business Bay, 15th Floor, Building 1260 Rd 2421, Manama, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 7737 7348

Opening hours: 06:00 AM – 21:00 PM

8. Namaste Bahrain

The first accredited yoga school in Bahrain is Namaste. Namaste, a haven of calm space in Budaiya, strives to lead you on a tranquil journey within to uncover your true essence of joy, serenity, and love.

Their goal is to provide as many individuals as they can with a loving, upscale, professional, and tailored atmosphere in which to experience the holistic, natural, and joyful effects of yoga’s therapeutic potential. 

Namaste Bahrain
Namaste Bahrain

Address: Budaiya Highway، Budaiya, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 1759 1565

Opening hours: 09:00 AM – 13:00 PM, 16:30 PM – 20:00 PM

9. HV Holistics Health

HV Holistic provides corrective training with an emphasis on the health of the body’s structural components. The healthcare facility takes a holistic approach, concentrating on the whole individual. They offer a wide variety of specialized training tools. The facility features two training studios that are well equipped, private showers and changing rooms, and a consulting area.

HV Holistics Health
HV Holistics Health

Address: Budaiya Highway، Budaiya, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 1759 1565

Opening hours: 09:00 AM – 13:00 PM, 16:30 PM – 20:00 PM

10. Grip Fitness Center

Grip is a brand-new gym and fitness center in Riffa that offers everyone access to power and training amenities. The fitness center offers a variety of classes, from core training and conditioning to yoga and Zumba. Grip is incredibly practical because it also contains a coffee shop!

Grip Fitness Centre
Grip Fitness Centre in Bahrain

Address: King Hamad Highway, Riffa, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 3555 5070

Opening hours: 05:00 AM – 00:00 AM

11. Fitness Hub Gym in Bahrain

The Fitness Hub Gym is known for its functional fitness training approach. They provide a well-equipped space for functional workouts, strength training, and conditioning exercises. The gym offers group classes and personal training sessions led by experienced coaches.

Fitness Hub Gym Bahrain
Fitness Hub Gym in Bahrain

Address: Rd No 2521, Karzakkan, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 3363 3323

Opening hours: 05:00 AM – 01:00 AM

12. FIT Gym & Spa Bahrain

All members of The FIT Gym & Spa come in with certain objectives in mind. Your chances of attaining them increase when you work with a personal trainer. Compared to working out alone, personal training is faster, safer, and far more enjoyable. Their personal trainers are welcoming, enthusiastic, and they will inspire you to push yourself a little bit further than you had imagined. Additionally, you can experiment with tools, methods, and activities you never would have considered on your own.

FIT Gym Spa Bahrain
FIT Gym Spa Bahrain

Address: Riviera Palace 328 Shk Salman Avenue، Sehla, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 7701 7711

Opening hours: 05:00 AM – 00:00 AM

13. Dynamic Fitness Center Bahrain

The facilities at Dynamic Fitness Center is a high-end, upscale strength and conditioning center that is completely furnished to give you an upgraded experience and move you closer to accomplishing your goals.

The team’s expertise in rehabilitation, movement, and strength & conditioning may offer a unique service that is specifically tailored to fit your needs.

Dynamic Fitness Center Bahrain
Dynamic Fitness Center Bahrain

Address: Villa 27, Gate 714 Road 7325, Block 473, Abu Saiba Budaiya, 473, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 3883 1919

Opening hours: 06:00 AM – 21:00 PM

14. BodyZone

Bodyzone provides a wide range of cutting-edge fitness centers, recreational amenities, and classes so you can live a better and more active lifestyle. You also can visit their Instagram account to learn about the most recent events and lessons we’ve offered. 

BodyZone Bahrain
BodyZone Bahrain

Address: Building 11، Rd No 3801 Manama, 1000, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 1774 6288

Opening hours: 05:30 AM – 22:00 PM

15. The Forge Bahrain

The Forge provides members with top-notch coaching, a wide range of class options, and a welcoming, community-driven environment. Every member of their training program has the opportunity to advance throughout each session, and it is open to everyone.

The Forge Bahrain
The Forge Bahrain

Address: Avenue 28 Jidhafs Block 351 Manama, 973, Bahrain

Phone:  +973 3953 3130

Opening hours: 16:30 AM – 21:00 PM

So, these are the top 15 gyms in Bahrain. It’s always a good idea to visit the gym’s website, check out their facilities, membership options, and services to find the one that aligns with your fitness goals and preferences. 

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