Top 10 Beaches in Bahrain [2024 Updated]

Four Seasons Bahrain beach

Referring to Bahrain, people often think of beautiful pearls sold around the world. However, not only endowed this country with a temperate climate for pearl farming. Bahrain is also endowed with magnificent mountain natural landscapes, especially endless beaches with turquoise dehydrated water. Today, we will share information with you about the top 10 beaches in Bahrain.

1. Amwaj Beach

The first destination in the top 10 beaches in Bahrain list is Amwaj. The gorgeous blue waters that surround Amwaj, which is situated close to Muharraq, are sure to captivate both locals and visitors alike. The Amwaj Beach archipelago has a multitude of beaches that are just breathtaking, making it a golden beach Bahrain for beachgoers. Because of the mild weather, Bahrain is going to be an excellent choice for a summer holiday destination. 

This beach is a popular tourist destination since everyone enjoys relaxing on the sand and participating in water sports. Tourists and locals flock to this beach, especially during the summer months. While this beach isn’t really a public beach, it’s nonetheless a popular destination for weekend visitors. There are a number of places on this beach where swimmers may go in the water and enjoy their time in the water.

Amwaj Beach
Amwaj Beach


From the beach, one may look out and watch people kitesurfing. This beach, which was Bahrain’s first location to be granted freehold status, has continued to be a popular destination for investors from all over the globe and the Middle East. One of the major events that take place in Bahrain on an annual basis is the Bahrain Boat Show. From Amwaj, it is possible to reach Jarada Island, in addition to a variety of other locations located offshore.

2. Abu Subh Beach

Also known as Diraz Beach, Abu Subh Beach is situated northwest of Bahrain, close to Budaiya and Northern City. This is one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the top 10 beaches in Bahrain list. The long stretch of public beaches in Bahrain is perfect for families. The white strip of sand is lined with food trucks and a kids’ play area. The beach is quite popular with the locals and so, make sure you dress well.  

Abu Subh Beach
Abu Subh Beach

Go to the beach for a walk along the sand and enjoy the wind blowing in your hair. It is one of the best ways to have a peaceful time away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Kids have always had fun on the beaches as they get to play in the sand and eat all kinds of snacks from the food truck. It’s important to respect the local etiquette, so dress with that in mind. Head to this beach for a stroll along the sand rather than embracing the balmy weather. It is the best holiday to remember and one that will be talked about for a long time to come.

3. Al Jazayer Beach

What’s next in our top 10 beaches in Bahrain list? Despite ongoing private developments, Al Jazayer Beach remains Bahrain’s biggest public beach, and residents and tourists flock here on weekends, so expect crowds during warm weather. Located near the Bahrain International Circuit, cool off in the shallow waters before retreating to a towel or a sun lounger on the sand. While you can barbecue nearby, the private development is beginning to add restaurants and shops for visitors to enjoy.

Al Jazayer Beach
Al Jazayer Beach

4. Karbabad Beach

Karbabad Beach is located in the northern part of the kingdom of Bahrain, along the northern coastline bordering the Persian Gulf. It is amongst the few public beaches in Bahrain. Its charm and view of Qal’ at Al Bahrain, make it one of the likable beaches. People often go for a walk on the beach at sunset and enjoy fresh air. 

Karbabad Beach
Karbabad Beach

If one has to go for a swim, then one should remember to dress appropriately, as Karbabad is quite traditional.  Bathroom slippers are not allowed on the beach.  It is known for being close to the UNESCO world heritage site Qal’at al- Bahrain.

5. Malkiya Beach

Malkiya Beach is one of the most popular and populated beaches in Bahrain. Tourists can enjoy jet skis and boat rides. The locals often visit this beach for food stalls, fresh corn, and packaged food. The beach has play areas for kids.

Malkiya Beach Bahrain
Malkiya Beach

Besides the locals, the beach is one of the most coveted spots for international holiday seekers.  Tourists take complete advantage of relaxing at this beach. Malkiya is a combination of picturesque beach sand connected to the calm waters and so it becomes the ideal choice for relaxation.

6. Budaiya Beach

Filled with entertainment, nice and clean, the beach is one of the best places to visit in December in the world. It has a play area and ball courts along with a view of an island palace.  One of the public beaches in Bahrain, it is quite popular with the locals and is often crowded over the weekends and during the holidays. The access is free and one can enjoy the stretch of sand and open water. 

Budaiya Beach
Budaiya Beach

It is a beach that should be on everyone’s list of beaches to visit at least once a year. What more can one ask for when visiting Bahrain? It is the best kind of vacation anyone can ask for as the beaches make people forget all their worries and stress.

7. Four Seasons Bahrain

Having a special name in the top 10 beaches in Bahrain list, Four Seasons Bahrain will be our next destination. The Four Seasons Bahrain offers opulent lodgings on its very own private island, which is located just off the coast of Manama, the capital and largest city of the kingdom of Bahrain. A stretch of white sand beach around 160 meters in length can be found to the south of the hotel, which faces the sun.

Four Seasons Bahrain beach
Four Seasons Bahrain beach

The family-friendly atmosphere is rounded off with a nearby children’s playground called The Dhow, which has water-based activities. It is modeled like a typical dhow used in Bahrain, and it has seven slides and seventy other activities to keep younger beachgoers entertained during the whole day.

8. Al Hidd Beach

Hidd Beach in Bahrain is a popular destination for day trips with families as well as a variety of water activities such as picnicking and swimming. The beach located next to Prince Khalifa bin Salman Park is a popular spot for those who like having barbecues since it offers a breathtaking view of the sunset over Juffair and Manama. A lot of visitors go to the beach for the purpose of relaxing and spending time with their loved ones. It is an excellent location for getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Al Hidd Beach
Al Hidd Beach


9. Dry Dock Beach

Despite the fact that it only has a little stretch of sand, it is a popular destination for migrants who live in the surrounding area as well as inhabitants of Hidd and the next-door towns. It is an ideal place to have a picnic and people often swim in the water early in the morning. It provides a much-needed break from the hectic traffic near the city’s roundabout. It is a lovely relief from the built-up area roundabout.  It is one of the ideal public beaches in Bahrain, tourists should visit it at least once when on holiday in Bahrain.  

Dry Dock Beach Bahrain
Dry Dock Beach Bahrain

This opportunity is one that should not be passed up since it is one of the most exciting places to visit in the Middle East. You and your loved ones are going to have a fantastic day at the beach, where the children may construct sand castles and snack on a variety of delicious treats. 

10. Jarada Island Beach

At the end of the top 10 beaches in Bahrain list, let’s visit Jarada Island Beach. It is known for its brilliant white sand beaches and crystal blue water. The beach is the best place to swim and the island is seen on the ebb and disappears in the tide. It is known for its uniqueness and tourists from all over the world spend a leisurely day. 

Jarada Island Beach Bahrain
Jarada Island Beach

What more could a person want from a beach if they have gorgeous beaches, water that is perfectly clear, and the opportunity to swim and relax? When contemplating taking a holiday, individuals should move swiftly to get plane tickets to Bahrain and make plans to enjoy a day at the beach there.


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